More Code of Federal Regulations – Mirror Link for Title 1 (2016) of the CFR

Well, it’s been a crazy couple of days: arrogant, threatening emails and phone calls from large multi-million dollar organizations (actually, just one organization: the Council on Foreign Relations), more time down at Fort Belvoir. The usual.

Putting aside, for a moment, the (as my Grandmother used to say) “Recent Unpleasantness,” let’s get back to the real business at hand, and the actual point of this website – the Code.  Of Federal Regulations, not DaVinci.

Let us begin at the beginning. Here, then, hosted on this site, is the latest revision of the 2016 Title I, zip compressed, as downloaded this afternoon:  1 CFR (2016)

In future updates, I’ll add additional files, as well as a facility for online browsing.  That is, assuming, of course, the Counsel on Foreign Relations is not successful in their grab for my domain.